Do you have the time and resources to find answers to these questions? And implement your plan in the optimal manner?

We do this, so that you don’t have to. iga takes time to understand your operations in the US to enable the most efficient and cost effective implementation in Asia, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business at home. By conducting a Manufacturing Lean Analysis, iga can uncover more value in your operations, outline a better strategy and integrate corporate functions, giving you a best-in-class production line. We use our knowledge and experience in Asian markets to select the appropriate country and ideal manufacturing facilities for your business. iga sets up your offshore manufacturing providing ongoing mentoring and oversee operations to enable a quality production line. Support continues after implementation with frequent meetings to review performance and cost issues providing optimal operations for the long term.

At iga, we leverage the executive level manufacturing experience combined with critical hands-on knowledge. Our proven approach maximizes manufacturing efficiency and reduces your costs, with implementation in as little as six to nine months. iga’s methodologies leverage your company’s resources to provide high-end services at a 30-50% savings compared with companies who provide advice with limited or no implementation help. iga has over 200 years of international experience and country-specific knowledge with proven results in global LEAN manufacturing, operational leadership and financial management. With successful operational experience in Asia over the past two decades, iga brings you the know-how and the ability to implement and manage quality solutions.

IP protection
iga recognizes the importance of IP protection for US companies doing business in Asia. It is therefore imperative that you choose the country, industrial-park, and particular manufacturer properly. Enforcing laws protecting IP is a pretty low priority in some Asian countries. To prevent IP infringement is not easy. Some companies ship sensitive parts to these countries for assembly rather than building the parts there from scratch. Others protect their IP by buying or building in the local operations. Since it depends on the product, country, manufacturer, and manufacturing procedure, iga can help you set up your own manufacturing facility and manage the progress and results.

Manufacturing Profiles:
Started up:
a Singapore factory that produces Disk Drive Thin Film Media. Ramped the plant from the ground up to $500M annual revenue while managing a $200M capital budget.
a Chip Manufacturer in Singapore including construction, ramp up and sales into a profitable venture.
a successful Disk Drive manufacturing facility in Madras, India.
a Thin Film Media plant in Fremont, California, from the ground up to over 100,000 disks produced per day - an annual savings to the parent company of $100M/year compared to outside purchase of the same product.
a Point-of-sale device plant in Korea. Increased output to 200,000 units in 18 months.
a Wafer Operation in Singapore and Thailand. Drove the operation to $120M in annual revenue, operating profit.
Turned around:
a Read-Write Head manufacturer- from an unprofitable $20M concern to a highly profitable $160M company.
a Read-Write Head manufacturer with operations in the US, Mexico and: the Philippines. Doubled annual revenue to became profitable. Conducted an IPO.
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