LEAN is an industry term for 'streamlining', 'waste elimination', 'speeding up', 'process improvement' and 'building in flexibility'. A manufacturing LEAN analysis is conducted to determine if improvements can be made to create a more efficient manufacturing process. LEAN comprises a set of tools which are applied to any manufacturing setting in order to drive out waste thereby streamlining operations. We utilize a detailed value stream map, apply theory of constraints in order to zero in on the bottleneck of the operation and then apply various other techniques to make best use of your current assets. We look first and foremost at NOT adding Capital or Manpower.

The LEAN mantra at iga is to strive for: 
  • Greater Throughput (Revenue Generating Throughput)
  • Reduced Inventory
  • Reduced Operational Costs with Improved Quality

Using Lean / TOC / Six Sigma practices, iga's LEAN Manufacturing Program provides immediate benefit to throughput, quality, speed, inventory and cost through operational assessment and diagnostics. We provide the education required and recommend organizational alignment resulting in long term continuous improvement. Many tools and methods will be utilized to improve the overall health of the manufacturing operations focusing on the following areas:

iga works with our manufacturing clients toward long term quality and production sustainability while managing cost through in-depth assessment, detailed recommendations and education in Lean, TOC, and Six Sigma basics for the line management. iga works with your management team providing support and guidance with change management planning and execution, organizational alignment and comprehensive operations analysis. In addition, iga examines pre-setup and pre-ramp conditions to determine supply chain partners operations suitability.


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