Most companies underestimate what is involved in going international. There is the question of direct sales versus indirect. And if you go indirect with a channel of distribution, there are value-added resellers, system integrators, dealers, resellers and agents.
 A truly International consulting firm must know the difference and be able to give the kind of advice a company needs to decide which approach to take.

  Understanding dramatically different business cultures and practices
  Creating a market for channels to sell into
  Selecting channels with technical, market reach and financial strength to properly partner with you
  Managing channels on a daily basis - it is harder than managing US channels
  Delivering a whole product that is appropriate for the Asian market
  Building success stories and market traction
  •  Market Research
  Strategy and Business Plan
  Market Coverage Strategies
  Country Selection
  Channel Selection and Set up
  Distributor Contract
  Country Implementation
  Distributor Management
  Add Distributors and/or Countries
To sign up a distributor is easy. But to break a contract and leave an unprofitable one may be difficult and expensive. Like a marriage, choose your partner carefully. Call the expert. iga helps you strategize, implement, and manage a successful network of channel of distribution.

iga helps you:
  Create channels of distribution that achieve business goals, penetrate new markets and launch new product.
  Develop and nurture strong channel relationships.
  Determine the best structure of the network.
  Delineate the tasks to be performed by the channel partner based on customer needs.
  Identify “eagle” channel partners, and establish and maintain profitable relationships with them.
  Manage and defuse conflict among channel partners.
  Understand the perilous legal issues involved in channel of distribution.
  Structure your sales organization to sell in niche market.
  Prepare for new and emerging trends.

iga employs a proven approach to help US companies successfully enter Asian markets through aggressive channel marketing:
  Product positioning based on market and competitive assessment
  Systematic country selection
  Channel selection
  Delivery of whole product to enhance channel productivity
  Sales programs focused on channel management to drive revenue and market share growth
  Implementation of “market creation” programs
  Coordination of pre and post-sales support
  Executive recruitment of local team

Development and execution of success metrics

iga delivers effective sales management training to channels to insure optimal revenue growth and return on investment:
  Design and implement channel revenue forecast management process
  Manage sales cycle process
  Prepare probability assessment worksheets
  Aggressive account planning process with channels
  Define end-user qualification and best fit profile

Prepare sales presentation including:

  * Differentiation, pain points, solution, ROI, case studies
  * Standard proposal
  * Agreements/Contracts for Partners and Licenses
  * Case examples / success stories

Channels do not create markets. They sell into markets. iga coordinates aggressive market and demand creation programs for our clients:
  Competitive analysis
  Collateral and materials
  Lead generation activities
  Drive product requirements for local market
  Product positioning
  Determine whole product offering for each Asian market
  Marketing plan to support sales
  * Marketing initiatives
  * Lead generation activities including “seeding” strategy
  * Training Program (internal and external)

Finally, successful sales growth demands that vendors deliver robust support. iga provides:
  Coordination of local pre- and post-sales support
  Training local team
  * Sales
  * Pre-sales technical
  * Post-sales technical
  * Installation and implementation
  * End-user usability


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